Hotel Marketing Consultants – Internet Speed Race In Austin Is On

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Hotel Markerting Consultants
Hotel Marketing Consultants

Options for high speed Internet in Austin continue to expand. Google Fiber is coming to Austin soon, and now AT&T has announced the city will be the first for its own faster-than-ever Internet speeds.

AT&T U-Verse launched its brand of ultra-high speed internet called GigaPower. Google Fiber is right around the corner, coming to Austin in the new year.

The Thinkery Children’s Museum, which just reopened in East Austin, is one of a hundred organizations expected to get free Google Fiber when it rolls out.

“Right now we have a lot of technology in our exhibits and in our programming,” marketing manager Misty Whited said. “It will allow us to have this technology at the fingertips of more children.”

From the museum floor, to the office.

“If we could have like Google hangouts with a museum across the country, to be able to collaborate on a project together,” Whited said, “it would just be outstanding.”

Gigabit speeds will blow you away. They are about 100 times faster than what are currently available through most broadband providers.

Time Warner Cable also has a hand in the ever-evolving internet. While their plans for a fiber network aren’t yet known, you might have noticed little blue lights on utility poles around Austin. TWC is installing about 1,000 WiFi hotspots.


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