Hotel Marketing Florida|”Digital Advertising Agency Release Free Book On Hotel Marketing”

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Hotel Marketing Florida
Hotel Marketing Florida

Inbound360, a London based digital advertising company, have released a free 70 page guide to online advertising and marketing for hoteliers. The guide, Titled ‘Outsmarting OTA’s: A Complete Guide to Online Marketing & Advertising for Hotels in the Age of OTA’s, Meta Search and Deal Sites’ was written by Inbound360 director’s and experienced hotel marketers, John McElborough & Dan Pelling. It is available to download for free from the website . The guide is aimed at hotel marketers tasked with increasing revenue via direct website bookings, which means gaining market share from OTA’s. It focuses on tactics derived from the OTA’s own marketing machines and gives both practical and strategic guidance to help hotel marketers make better decisions about their online marketing spend. Topics covered include:

• Conversion rate optimisation
• Search engine marketing
• Retargeting
• Meta search strategy
• Mobile marketing
• Advertising on social media
• Web Analytics & measurement

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