Hotel SEO Florida|”Link Building: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!”

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By               – Billy Jefferson
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Hotel SEO Florida
Hotel SEO Florida

Although links have been and will continue to be a very important way of showing your website’s worth to search engines, I have seen many bad “link schemes” over the years. One tactic I used to see a lot and, until recently, thought was no longer in use, is building dozens of one page websites for the sole purpose of linking back to your actual website. I cannot stress enough how bad this tactic is. First of all, these websites are completely worthless, so at best, they will do nothing for you. At worst, this link scheme will hurt your site’s rankings. This is an obvious attempt to manipulate search results, which can result in Google banning your website. If an SEO analyst ever says “I need you to privately register these domain names…” run. They will tell you that getting the domains privately registered will keep Google from knowing what they are doing – that alone should send you running. Why wouldn’t you want Google to know what you are doing? To think that Google will not notice a bunch of useless websites that popped up out of nowhere and link to your website is just silly. Not to mention the fact that they will probably all be hosted at the same place. This is simply one of the things that will raise red flags with the big “G.” I mean, they LOOK for this stuff! Another tactic that is apparently still in use is submitting to hundreds of free directories. The vast majority of these directories were created only for the purpose of link building. Many of them actually have “SEO” in the domain name. These are all worthless. I am not saying all directories are bad, but you should not submit to a directory for the link. You should put your business in directories that will drive traffic on their own. If the link helps, then that’s a bonus!

Recently a friend was approached by a new client. This client told him that his last SEO had taken care of link building, so they only needed on page work done. My friend dug through the link jungles anyway, just as a precaution, and found hundreds of blog posts that said, and I quote: “I love your blog, check mine out” Wow. Don’t do this. There are many more – registering with a link exchange, forum posting for links, social bookmarking for links, etc. Having been in SEO for the last nine years, I have done my share of link building. But when I had the chance to work with Eric Ward for seven months to come up with the very best, natural way to build links for our clients, I jumped right on it. We do not buy links. That isn’t to say we do not use some of the high value paid directories, but we will never offer any website anything for any link. We do not outsource link building. We have all seen the ads or received spam emails saying “500 PR6 and above links for $50” or the like. No thank you. We do keep an ever-changing list of authoritative niche and general directories that we feel every business owner should be in. We submit to these directories, because we know they drive relevant traffic. The links are simply a nice bonus. For the most part we build strong “Local Link Universes” with relevant businesses located near our client’s hotel or resort. Local museums, universities, etc… any local business that someone may be visiting the town to see or use. The travelers are going to need to stay somewhere, so a link to our client’s website makes perfect sense. That is a great link. If a client has meeting or event space, then I may reach out to wedding photographers, planners, event coordinators. etc. just to let them know “hey, here is a great venue you may not have known about.” BAM – another great link. Basically, we go after relevant links that make natural sense to build strong local link profiles for our clients – and it works. We are not cheating the system. We are not breaking any rules whatsoever. We are bringing like-minded, relevant businesses together and helping everyone involved. But mostly, we are helping travel shoppers and hotels find one another online.

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