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Hotel Website Designing Florida
Hotel Website Designing Florida

It is not alone as the gateway to the golden interior – a way station on the road to Dawson City – that Skaguay is now becoming known. Nor is she in a position to invite within her gates none but tourists and the ever-welcome “Klondikers.” Standing as she does, as the salt water terminal of the White Pass & Yukon Railway, with newly discovered placer fields of untold richness at her very doors, and with new industries springing up, Skaguay has suddenly acquired a permanency which the passing throng of inward and outgoing Klondikers alone could not give. The rapid developments of the past few months have demonstrated that here on Skaguay bay will be built a large city, the entrepot of a vast territory, under two flags but alike in wealth and formation – Alaska and the Northwest (Yukon) Territory.  Instead of being a mere stopping place – a way station to some, a place to make money to others, Skaguay is now being looked by all as a place to live, a place in which to cast one’s lot, not for a day or year, but for all time. The wise ones easily figure out that as the wealth of the interior is real, not speculative, and with a railroad bringing this treasure to her doors, Skaguay must continue to grow and prosper in direct ratio as this vast interior is developed. The extent of the northwest country, and how little of it has ever been prospected, is not generally appreciated. Its resources and possibilities are as boundless as its area.

“The Gateway to the Interior” is not an empty title when applied to Skaguay, for to be the only practical gateway to such an extent of country is a guarantee of the future greatness of the city. As an outfitting point for the interior, Skaguay is superior to all others. Situated as they are, in touch with the Klondike, her merchants are better qualified to judge of the needs of that class of trade. The fact that returning Klondikers invariably outfit here should be proof positive of the mistake of outfitting in the lower coast cities. To those who do not desire to brave the hardships of the interior, yet long for a share of its golden wealth, Skaguay offers many advantages. Good business opportunities are constantly presenting themselves. To the latter class as well as to the “Klondikers,” Skaguay extends a welcoming hand. With good schools and churches, refined and educated society; with every opportunity for good, legitimate investments, good wages and money plentiful, Skaguay is, and will continue to be, a good place to live. The city is kept clean and is as healthy as attention to sanitary precautions can make it. During Skagway’s first winter there were quite a number of cases of pneumonia and meningitis, resulting from exposure and carelessness in their (stampeders) feverish haste to get their outfits over the summit. With good, pure water, a natural drainage to the sea, and a proper regard for cleanliness, there are no conditions here to make the place more unsanitary than a rapidly growing city would naturally be. The climate is healthy and pleasant during the greater part of the year; and the winter months are not to be dreaded provided a person is properly clothed.

In the construction of the White Pass railroad from Skagway over the pass, from May 26th to late in the fall (1898), there had been constantly employed from 1,000 to 1,700 men, and in all that time there was but one case of illness in the dozen camps – only one man who, owing to sickness, had to be taken to the hospital. Of course, men were injured by accidents while at work during this period of time, but these inabilities were not produced by climatic or weather influences. Skagway is blessed with two good hospitals, the doors of which are always open to the sick, with or without money. They are known as the Red Cross and Bishop Rowe hospitals. They are comfortable, well managed and with all modern institutions, with the very best of medical attendance and competent nurses. They have proved a “haven of rest” to many a poor unfortunate in their hour of need; and were, doubtless, instrumental in saving the life of many a fortune-hunter, who must have died of exposure and neglect but for the shelter, medical attendance, proper diet and care provided by one or the other of the institutions.

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