Hotel SEO Florida|”World Independent Hotel Promotion Boosts AMT Hotels Group ROI Over 180%”

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Hotel SEO Florida
Hotel SEO Florida

Acqua Marcia Turismo, known as AMT Hotels Group, set out to redesign its corporate website, to offer a better user experience to travelers looking for luxury accommodation in Sicily. The group, which owns hotels in Palermo, Syracuse, Catania and Taormina, selected WIHP hotel marketing agency for its proven record in the industry. WIHP rebuilt AMT Hotels Group’s websites on WIHP Convert, an industry-acclaimed content management and website-building platform that features streamlined navigation; state-of-the-art, high-definition image galleries; and user-centric design. WIHP developed a solution that integrates engaging content while keeping the user experience intuitive, in an eye-catching presentation that increased direct bookings. WIHP improved organic traffic using a high emotional impact site containing mainly large high-res visuals, but also integrated ROI-boosting SEO elements.

“AMT Group has been an iconic brand on Sicily, one that we are proud to support. The hotels of this group are all about being the best, and our best is what we deliver for them,” said Simone Puorto, Senior Accounts Executive, WIHP Italy. Instead of pushing AMT Hotels Group as a brand, WIHP focused its attention on a clear overview of the group’s luxury properties: Des Etrangers Hotel & Spa Siracusa; Excelsior Hilton Palermo; Grand Hotel Et des Palmes Palermo; Grand Hotel Villa Igiea Palermo; Grand Hotel Excelsior Catania; and San Domenico Palace Hotel Taormina. Each hotel’s website was redesigned on Convert, with a consistent brand identity over the AMT Hotels Group network of websites. With WIHP Convert, the AMT Hotels Group increased its revenue by 180%, World Independent Hotel Promotion reported.

“As a luxury Italian hospitality company, AMT Hotels Group recognizes the value of the guest experience to our success. That said, our affiliation with WIHP, the large direct revenue increase they brought us is what is powering our resurgence. What’s more, these successes help us empower our biggest assets, the AMT staff who attend to our guests’ expectations on a daily basis,” said AMT Group’s Piero Vitale, Cluster Revenue Manager. World Independent Hotel Promotion (WIHP) is a leading hotel marketing agency drawing on more than 12 years of experience and tracking. Having built over 4000 hotel websites and tracked the most efficient ones, WIHP now provides hotels from all markets with high-end hotel marketing campaigns designed to increase direct revenues. With their custom tracking system WIHP provide their customers with extensive information on ROI and results.

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