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Hotel Internet Marketing
Hotel Internet Marketing

Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. today announced the release of MediaConnet360TM, a specialized social media marketing management tool designed for the hospitality and travel market. MediaConnet360TM is an end-to-end social media marketing management software that helps hotels identify marketing opportunities, organize marketing calendar, execute social media marketing campaigns, and track performance. This tool enables hotel industry brands to interact with guests and consumers and facilitates enhanced brand discovery and consumer engagement by transmitting hotels’ social messaging into Google+, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and hotel websites. MediaConnect360TM offers support for managing Google+ Pages via the Google+ API to enable users to seamlessly broadcast and interact on the Google+ social media channel. MediaConnet360TM software also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites to enable universal marketing messaging from a single platform.Through years of work with our hotel partners on social media marketing initiatives, it became clear that a key need for an effective social media strategy is to find engaging content to post on the social channels that is relevant to both the brand and to the end user. MediaConnect360TM provides a list of events and content ideas in the hotel’s local market that can drive engagement and also drive transient business to the hotels.

MediaConnect360TM helps organize the marketing calendar and facilitates collaboration between remote teams and multiple personnel within the hotel on marketing initiatives. The calendar can also be integrated with the hotel website to drive freshness and engagement and provide valuable local content to consumers.Hotels can manage and broadcast into social channels from within the tool. The software offers a single form for broadcast of unique messages into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and WordPress or Milestone CMS blogs. Hotels can monitor, reply to, manage, and moderate comments to each channel from within the software. MediaConnect360TM currently integrates with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and blogs. Integration with several other social channels is currently in production.

MediaConnect360TM offers robust and detailed analytics to track social media channels, campaign performance, and competitor performance in a simple to read, integrated report at the base price. Most current platforms offer limited analytics data at the base price and the cost of accessing detailed analytics is prohibitive. “Our key objective with MediaConnet360TM is to offer an affordable social media platform for the hotel industry that can enhance the engagement of consumers on the hotels’ social channels, and consequently generate traffic and revenue for our clients. MediaConnect360TM ties the events and happenings in the hotel’s local market to social media and digital marketing strategies” said Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. “It’s exciting to be a part of the group of companies that Google+ selected to work with on integration of Google+ into the platform. We have seen a significant impact on social presence, engagement, search, and online visibility upon integrating Google+ into our clients’ strategies. We look forward to working with major travel brands on their digital marketing initiatives,” he added.Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is a leading provider of internet marketing solutions for the lodging industry. Milestone’s portfolio of services includes Hotel Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click marketing, Social Media Optimization, eBuzz Connect™ Online Reputation Monitoring, etc. Milestone currently works with over 1000 hotels and drives over $550M in annual revenue for its clients. Milestone is a preferred vendor for several major lodging industry brands and works with some of the leading management companies. Milestone is also well known as a lodging industry educator for its Hotels to HTMLs internet marketing workshops and book.

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