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Hotel Internet Marketing
Hotel Internet Marketing

HeBS Digital today announces it will host The Smart Hotelier’s Guide to Digital Marketing Budget Planning Webinar on Tuesday, September 10th from 2pm-3pm EST (11am-12pm PST). Designed to guide hoteliers in structuring 2014 digital marketing budgets, the webinar also will cover important hospitality digital marketing trends that need to be considered when creating digital marketing budgets for 2014. 2014 is expected to be another great year in hospitality. To start with the good news, travel demand is projected to be up by 3.3 percent. All three key performance metrics are expected to experience positive growth over the already robust growth in 2013. What does this mean for hoteliers? No more excuses! It’s time to find room in the budget for all of those digital technology and marketing initiatives that have been put on the back burner in previous years.

To take full advantage of these positive industry projections, hoteliers must allocate their digital marketing budget wisely. A well-designed budget will take into consideration lingering challenges, such as the continuing battle with OTAs, and emerging trends in the industry, such as the explosion of meta search marketing and the importance of the three screens (desktop, mobile, and tablet). “2014 is expected to be another great year in hospitality, yet hoteliers are notoriously under-spending on digital marketing initiatives” said Mariana Mechoso Safer, SVP of HeBS Digital. “Hoteliers – branded or independent – must focus on the direct online channel. By dividing the digital marketing budget into three components: digital assets optimization, consulting, and operations; core digital marketing campaigns; and business-need driven multichannel marketing, a hotel company will continuously drive direct online channel revenues with high ROIs throughout 2014. Hoteliers that join us for this webinar will walk away with a firm understanding of how to structure a digital marketing budget that will produce results.”

HeBS Digital recommends that a hotel’s digital marketing budget take a holistic approach which covers all technology and strategic planning needs, the fundamentals that will continuously drive bookings through a hotel’s website and achieve high ROIs, and fulfills the concrete business goals that must be met throughout the year. In this 60-minute webinar, HeBS Digital will answer the question on everyone’s mind, “How much should I be spending on digital marketing, and how should I spend it?” The webinar will also guide attendees through budget allocations for each marketing initiative and provide case studies to support these budgeting recommendations.

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