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Hotel Marketing Florida
Hotel Marketing Florida

I get in between 8 and 9 a.m. and my office day ends at 3 p.m., but my working day never ends. I always respond to email. I wear lot of different hats. My main task is overseeing marketing. I have a team of three full time marketing managers that work for me handling PR, marketing and brand development. I also head up anything that has to do with design. Right now our Circa Hotel property is under renovation and I’m overseeing that. I also oversee our food and beverage and spa concepts. At The Palms Hotel & Spa we have a 150-seat farm-to-table restaurant that serves hotel guests and locals. We also have a chic cocktail lounge. I am always keeping an eye on new trends and making sure I bring them to our guests. As owner, I’m also involved in anything that is strategic, that might be finding a new insurance plan or anything that running a business brings with it.

It’s a gorgeous day in Miami Beach and Katja Janzon sits at a small table on the patio of her family’s Miami Beach hotel sipping water with lemon. She almost looks like a vacationer, except that she’s wearing a white business suit and noticing every detail of whether the landscape is well kept and the wait staff quick enough. Janzon is the vice president and co-owner of the Palms Hotel & Spa and Circa 39 Hotel about nine blocks apart along Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. While Circa has been a more recent acquisition, The Palms was purchased by Janzon’s father, Hans Joachim Krause, more than 20 years ago and running them has become a family business, with Janzon directing many key areas. Her father pops in regularly to give guidance. Her husband, Kent, handles the finances as the hotels’ chief financial officer and her sister, Nicola, oversees reservations and revenue management.

Janzon was born in Germany, went to college in Heidelberg (where she met her Swedish husband),got her master’s in Surrey, England, and then went on to live and work in London. She’s now raising her two children in Miami. Her beachfront hotels survive and flourish as independents — drawing guests with a pool area that rivals a Caribbean resort, a terrace that attracts weddings and celebrations, a beachside organic garden that grows produce and herbs for the hotel’s restaurants and an Aveda Spa that provides her the opportunity to get hair cuts or manicures without leaving her workplace. Competing for guests with the big brands and keeping a high occupancy level requires strategic marketing and top-notch service. Janzon says she works hard to keep up with the newest trends and draw new and returning guests to her hotel, along with locals who host events such as weddings or brunches. In an interview at her hotel, she spoke about the critical issues facing South Florida tourism and her efforts to draw visitors. We have a large international component to our marketing strategy. We’re constantly exploring new markets. Right now we’re targeting the Latin American markets. It’s a small percentage of our business now but it’s a big focus going forward. We are sending our marketing managers into Brazil and Argentina in particular. Because we’re an independent hotel, we have to work harder at getting our name out and telling people about us. We don’t have corporate sales and marketing dollars behind us. We have to stretch our dollars more than the big guys.

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