Hotel Internet Marketing | “Building An Emotional Connection For Successful Internet Marketing For Local Businesses”

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Hotel Internet Marketing
Hotel Internet Marketing

Bringing new customers in the door is the goal of many internet marketers, but the successful local search marketing campaign will keep them coming back. Providing a good or service helps people to solve a problem or fulfill a need. The competition in virtually every market is fierce. How do companies stand out amongst the rest? Many local companies try a variety of gimmicks to try and fuel marketing campaigns. The reality is that the most successful marketing technique is to connect with existing and potential customers on an emotional basis. My Local leads works with companies around the US, helping to increase their reach and profitability the effective online marketing for local business.

According to recent research done by Motista, only 18 percent of consumers feel an emotional connection with brands including highly successful companies including Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, and Walmart. For a business, emotionally connected customers are highly prized. They have a higher life time value than non-emotionally connected retailers. In actuality, consumers will choose a retailer they feel an emotional connection to almost 40 percent more often than those who do not have that same connection.

As an added benefit, companies that connect with a consumer on an emotional basis are far more likely to be recommended to friends, family, co-workers. These recommendations can be word of mouth or online. With the online recommendations, an organization’s search engine optimization effectiveness is enhanced greatly. This is because the search engine algorithms can detect the frequency that the company is spoken of, and many use semantic detection methods to determine whether the discussion is positive or negative. Social rankings have been shown to significantly impact search engine rankings across all industries online.

There are a number of ways that business can build an emotional bond with consumers. This includes providing excellent customer service, but goes beyond that. People today want to deal with other people. They want businesses that understand their lifestyle, can offer affordable solutions, and do not treat them like another faceless number. Small and medium businesses stand a lot to gain from the seemingly lazy way many are treat by larger organizations these days. If they fail to make that connection, however, the perceived differences between a big corporation and a local business can quickly diminish.


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