Hotel Internet Marketing | “What Does Internet Marketing Mean To Us?”

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Hotel Internet Marketing
Hotel Internet Marketing

Whether you are in it or you are not, the term “Internet marketing” has become the default job description for anyone that does anything business related online. We have used it ourselves and still do…it’s easier than getting into the details. Yes, we are “internet guys” who do that internet marketing stuff. In broad terms we define Internet marketing as the practice of promoting a product or service through a website leveraging the communication technology of the World Wide Web including; search, email, video marketing, social media and blogging.  Pretty simple right?

The better question is what does Internet Marketing mean to you?

What it should mean to you is; Insert your product(s), passion or service and start thinking about how to leverage the technology that has changed everything! This is happening now folks and believe it or not there are literally thousands of people waiting to hear about you or your product. If you are prepared to learn and embrace the new reality on our planet this is your new REAL retirement program at a minimum.

Internet Marketing is a Paradigm Shift.
What is a paradigm?
A worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.

The Internet has fundamentally changed virtually everything on our planet. The SHIFT is in communications and commerce and this is just the beginning. Stop and think about that for a moment and consider how much the Internet has personally affected your life…you will find it to be quite profound. The World Wide Web is much bigger than we can imagine, it is in it’s infancy and it has and will continue to profoundly affect and change everything.  The new economy is evolving and it’s personal!

Your Product or Service

The options here are virtually endless but we always recommend specialization and finding something you have a passion for. Find a niche and know it better than anyone else, create a product or service that solves a problem. Find a product or service that everyone uses and make it better or find a new use for an old product and get your message out there. Sell a service and sell what you know, educate, write an eBook or create a “how to” guide based on your existing career or something you have a passion for. When you provide some real value you may be surprised to find how many people are interested! You can sell and market all kinds of products and services provided by others and you can Earn as you Learn…these are called affiliate programs and they are good ways to start. Ultimately and for sustainability you need to become an expert in whatever niche you choose with internet marketing.

Email, Social Media and Blogging

These elements are the meat and potatoes of internet marketing and the gravy for your website! This is where you begin to Manifest Income…passive income. If you build it they will not always come, you need to leverage everything the internet offers to expand your network of influence and build a following for your brand.


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