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Hotel Website Design
Hotel Website Design

Do you trust the cleanliness of hotel rooms? Yes, your room might look nice and tidy, and it might also smell fresh due to some air deodorizer, but does it really stand up to the standard of cleanliness that you expect to get when you rent a hotel room for the night? Here are some points to consider when you rent a hotel room:

Refilled amenities. Most hotels, even the small ones, provide some hotel amenities. These amenities might include hotel soaps, shampoos, and mouth washes. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the bottles look a bit worn? Well, they could be. According to, hotels cannot refill the small bottles of such amenities, but how do you know it doesn’t happen? Not all hotel-size amenities have the tamper-proof seal, so this leaves you to trust the hotel not to refill these small bottles.

Coffee pot storage. Have you ever noticed that many hotels, even the nicer ones, seem to store the coffee pot in the bathroom? Well, the bathroom is a breeding ground for pinworms, and one quick swoop of a towel from the bathroom floor could make pinworm eggs airborne. So, the next time you want to drink some coffee in your hotel room, opt to go out for a cup. Take the complimentary coffee packets home with you. At least you will know that you’re drinking a healthy cup of coffee when you get home.

Ice bins. It’s nice that hotels provide small ice containers for you to store your ice in. After all, cold drinks during the hot summer help cool you down, right? Think twice, though, before you use the ice bin in a hotel room, even if you line it with a plastic bag. A maid pours out any melted ice left in the room’s ice bin and wipes dry the inside and the outside of the bin. Unfortunately, you don’t know about the cleanliness of the cloth that the maid uses to wipe out these bins. Skip the ice bin usage and get a cup of ice from a fast food restaurant.

Bed cleanliness. It feels wonderful to crawl in between nice, crisp hotel sheets after a long hard day because you feel cool and pampered. As you snuggle up under the covers, though, have you ever thought about what you’re breathing in from the covers? Yes, the sheets are surely clean. Rest assured, the blanket and the bedspread aren’t what you want in the way of cleanliness. Many hotels do not change the blankets and bedspreads on the beds for at least a week, and sometimes even a month.


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