Hotel Internet Marketing | “Secret of Hotel SEO: Keep It Fresh”

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Hotel Internet Marketing
Hotel Internet Marketing

This means an integral part of your hotel marketing strategy should include high-quality, FRESH and unique online content that authentically drives people to your Web site. But, what would you update on your hotel’s website when most of the information remains steadfast, like your room types or meeting room capacities?  The static, original content might be there, but fresh content is usually lacking. So if hotel websites aren’t intrinsically fresh, how do hoteliers respond to Google’s call for content that is both relevant and consistently updated?

Blog, Blog, Blog!
Blogs don’t just provide fresh content, but can also drive traffic to your website. Shoot for a blog post about once a week, and highlight fun and hard-to-resist nuggets about your hotel and your destination. Some ideas: Top 10 Free Things to Do in Denver, Best Places to Kiss in Chicago, or Cool Foodie Finds in Seattle. Be sure to feature a blog on your site’s main domain (, and not on a sub domain (

Link Your Social Media
This is smart way  to integrate your entire hotel marketing mix onto your website, while also keeping your site content fresh. This doesn’t mean simply placing your social media icons on your homepage. A better idea would be to include the running feeds of your Tweets and Facebook into the website itself. However, many find homepage Twitter and Facebook feeds distracting (I agree), so I suggest creating a separate social media page on your site that will showcase live snapshots of all of your social media accounts, including Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Link to Guest Reviews
Similar to including the live feeds of your Twitter and Facebook accounts, placing guest reviews (such as TripAdvisor) not only provide fresh and unique content, but also help to increase the general conversation about your hotel on the internet. While many hoteliers are fearful of showcasing bad reviews on their own Web sites, your customers will love your transparency and confidence in your property.

Diversify Your Content
New content does not always mean WRITTEN content. There are a ton of other options for content, including adding pictures, videos, slideshows, or even infographics.  A simple way to add these is to focus on the holidays. Upload a picture of your city’s sparkling Christmas festival or 4th of July fireworks. Or, best of all, include images or videos from an event held at your property.

Event Calendar
Event calendars are especially effective for hoteliers because guests are always looking for things to do in your hotel’s local area. From festivals to fairs to theatre performances to concerts, you’ll never have a shortage of content here. This is especially true if you’re marketing a destination that hosts countless events most days of the year, such as San Diego, where I’m from.  Instead of having a static events page that excludes dates and updated details, consider adding events three months at a time. That way you can capture and leverage these for fresh content.


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