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Hotel online marketing requires a strategy that fits a certain profile, and covers the necessities that every hotel has. The need of hotel online marketing becomes more obvious for achieving your commercial aims.

The impact that internet produced on our way of connecting with each other has an enormous repercussion on the hotel sector. Things like online reputation management, affiliate marketing or e-mail marketing represent new realities that the hotel businessmen ought to consider in order to be able to compete in the demanding environment of online hotel marketing.

Hotel Marketing Florida

Hotel online marketing

According to the mobile&online marketing strategists, you need to follow these steps for a successful hotel online marketing:

    •     Creating a mobile website. Going mobile with your hotel is crucial for whatever business nowadays. Onbile offers you quality service in creating a website for your hotel or any other business you have. You have a wide range of elegant templates to choose from.
    •     Development in wordpress of a “social” network. Doing this means that our website will be linked to the social networks, allowing users to log in and share the content through the social Share buttons.
    •     E-mail signing. The first door for traffic caption for your website and social networks is our e-mail signing. It must contain the same social icons on your website, like name and the department that sends the e-mail. The bottom space of the signing must be taken advantage of by inserting images that will advertise the new promotions that your hotel has. These promotions will take the user to the page where your promotions are placed and will be labeled as CAMPAIGN for the statistics register in Google Analytics.
    •     Channels of IDS distribution. You should register to the ones that fit our sector or type of hotel, apart from Tripadvisor and Booking. You also should register in last minute and special offers mobile search portals, like Reallylatebooking or Justbook, being that these portals catch impulsive weekend bookings.
    •     Offline integration. All the stationery and offline support must include your presence in the social networks and facilitate the mobile access, using the QR codes. You also have to highlight this digital presence on the hotel doors, with their respective QR codes, or a single code that will take directly to your contact page of your mobile portal, from which you could directly have access to your social profiles and geolocalization.
    •     Measurement ROI tool. You must have measurement tools like the ROI tool (Return of Investment Tool), like Google Analytics and others in order to be able to measure our influence on Social Media.
    •     Revenue management. You must work with the entire management department in order to be able to inform them about last minute offers, promotions or occupations, this way they can give it output through the digital channels. It’s essential using a computer tool that will allow simultaneous and automatic updating of the prices in different IDS channels.
    •     Considering other online marketing tools and technics. Whatsapp – this widespread instant mobile messenger application can bring you a difference point regarding competition and as an added value that will improve your services as well as your image.
    •     Social networks. Taking into account the hotel type and the target audience and the website target, you can choose different websites, the “compulsory” ones being: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (it generates more than 57% of the traffic), Google+ and Foursquare. And you must not forget to correctly register in Google Places, so that Google Maps would situate you correctly and show the services you have to offer.

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