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Hotel remarketing is the proactive way to get people that are interested in your hotel to return and make a direct booking.  You have several technology solutions to add remarketing to your hotel online marketing mix. The costly option is to use Google Ad Remarketing.  Costly since you pay per click while hoping that your retargeting rules are catching only qualified leads.  The reality may be your banner ads getting displayed to people that have already reserved a room elsewhere.
Hotel Website Designing
The effective way to remarket and do it for free is to allow your website visitors to opt-in to your follow-up message.  However to connect with first-time visitors to your hotel site and start a booking conversation, you must demonstrate trust and privacy. That is another reason why opt-in remarketing is the friendly way to capture hotel booking leads and turn them into customers.

Excited about hotel remarketing yet (read What is Travel Remarketing)?! Try out one of these three free techniques to get more repeat traffic on your hospitality website and get a second chance at booking conversion.

Hotel Remarketing #1 – Email Newsletter

Do you already offer an email newsletter for your hotel, B&B, or boutique lodging?  Setting up a newsletter is easy and free to get started with a travel friendly email newsletter provider such as MailChimp.  Instead of just using it for past hotel guests, collect and market to a list of people that want to book a room but are not ready to complete a booking right away.

  1.     Design an email newsletter signup box with only one field – email address – and one button called “Subscribe Now”.
  2.     Paste the signup box in the sidebar, on the hotel rates page, or even better near every “Book Now” button.
  3.     Explain throughout how you offer this free newsletter to visitors that are interested in visiting your area but are not ready to book now.
  4.     Promise to send information not just about your hotel but also events and happenings in your destination.
  5.     Include a clear message that you will never share their email address and unsubscribing takes just one (or two) click.

Hotel Email Newsletter Sign-Up Form Example

Now of course you must follow through and write a useful hotel newsletter (monthly is a reasonable interval) that offers tips to subscribers. These valuable tips establish your hospitality or tour business as an expert and trustworthy source of travel planning advice.

The best part is that you get to contact everyone that reached your website, liked what they saw, and is somewhat likely to make a booking.  Use this opportunity to remind subscribers of your unique property features, reasons to stay, and booking promotions.

Advanced Tip: Add a separate subscriber list for capturing hotel booking leads or prospects (let’s call them “opportunities”) that is separate from your list of past guests. That way you can tailor your hotel email marketing message to be most effective for each group.

Hotel Remarketing Technique #2 – Email Me Form

The next free method is to use a simple contact form, just like the one you have on your hotel’s “Contact Us” page.  This technique can work regardless of whether you have an online booking engine (hosted onsite or at a third party) or accept enquiries via web form and email.

For someone that discovers your hotel and is not ready to make a booking, how likely is it they will fill out a complex booking enquiry form or use the contact page to get in touch?  More likely they will bookmark your site, copy the URL to their trip planning document, or simply try their best to remember to come back later.

Instead of leaving their booking conversion to chance, use an “Email Me Hotel Information” type form to be a proactive remarketer.

  1.     Create an html web form (ask your hotel website designer or IT staff to help) that only asks for an email address and if necessary, one or two more pieces of information.
  2.     Title the form “Email Me About [Your Hotel Name]” or “Request Hotel Fact Sheet” or something similar.
  3.     Add this form to your hotel rates page and any room, services, or amenities pages that are typically the last page someone views before leaving your website.
  4.     Explain how by filling in their email address, they can receive an email message containing useful information about your hotel (with no obligation).
  5.     Since it is not a newsletter, be sure to mention that the person is not signing up for a list and their email address will never be shared.
  6.     Configure the form to forward the form field data by email to the appropriate reservations staff so they can respond personally and promptly.
  7.     The next step is to draft an email message template that contains fact sheet details including contact information and a link.
  8.     Include an image or two and what makes your hotel special (and worth booking right away), but try not to go overboard since you want the email to look good on any browser and any device.
  9.     Give the recipient a convincing reason to return to your site, continue their hotel stay planning activities, and book direct.

Email Reminder Form for Hotel Remarketing

Advanced Tip: Set up a hotel auto-responder through your email client settings to instantly send your warm leads a friendly welcome message.  Since their visit to your website will be fresh in their minds, they may be more receptive to an instant reminder about your hotel instead of waiting for your busy staff to respond.

Hotel Remarketing Technique #3 – Book Later Button

An article about hotel remarketing wouldn’t be complete without mention of the Book Later Button™.  It combines the features of the previous two techniques in a quick to deploy html snippet just for online travel and hospitality marketers.  The widget can be placed on any website for a hotel, B&B, spa, resort guesthouse, inn, lodge, or other independent place to stay, typically immediately after the “Book Now” button.

Just like with the email newsletter sign up or email me contact form, people that are not ready to book right away are offered a simple way to receive an opt-in email reminder.  The advantage of the Book Later Button is the choice of when to receive a reminder and also the ability to include personal notes in the message.

Sign up for the Book Later Button – start with the Freemium version which as you guessed is totally free.

  1.     Activate your license and login to the BookingCounts Web App to create a hotel email remarketing campaign.
  2.     Enter your hotel’s contact information and configure your preferred email automation options.
  3.     Design a Book Later Widget hyperlink to match your site style and select from several caption text choices.
  4.     Copy the widget HTML to your hotel website content areas or template after the “Book Now” button as well as popular exit pages that are flagged in your Google Analytics reports.

That’s It! The BookingCounts app server automatically emails your hotel remarketing message to leads to try to convince them to book a stay when they are ready. Your hotel remarketing Dashboard displays the latest activity so you can optimize for the best booking conversion results.

Book Later Button on Guest House to Capture Leads

Since the remarketing process is automated, each person receives a timely and personal opt-in email with a link back to the page they were visiting.  Hotel marketers get the added benefit of managing their remarketing campaign using the BookingCounts app.  This includes Book Later Button look and feel, hotel reminder email configuration, and instant reporting.

Advanced Tip: To include a custom hotel welcome and closing message in the book later email template, upgrade to the Standard or Premium Book Later Button license. This also offers a greater number of reminder emails per month for higher traffic hotel websites.


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