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We are writing this article based on a few requests that we got from some hoteliers with regard to marketing for hotels, online marketing for hotels in Sri Lanka etc. The main aim of this article is to provide some guidance to the hoteliers to manage their online reputation by themselves.
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Increasing your online presence and managing the reputation of your hotel has become a must these days. Most travelers search online about the hotel that they are planning to book by visiting the hotel web site, visiting the social media profiles, reading reviews in the travel communities etc. That is why you have to make sure your online presence is everywhere in the internet and for all relevant brand related keywords. For example if a tourist is coming to Sri Lanka, and your hotel is recommended by the tour operator, the guest would definitely search for your hotel online. You would either be having very good comments about your hotel or negative comments or a mix of both online. Managing all of these aspects matters a lot to creating a positive impression among potential guests. Now we can move on to, how you can manage your reputation online;

Before you do anything, go to Google (either via incognito window or sign out from any personal Gmail account) and type your brand related keyword “Example – Your Hotel Name” and check the search results coming in the first page. You should make sure all the contents and results are relevant to your brand or all relevant to your own website.

These are some simple activities that you can start doing to help your online presence and reputation;

1 Once the web site is done, make sure all your pages are crawled in Google. To do this, create an account in Google web master central and submit your site map.

2 Read the comments in the travel communities and forums like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet etc. and blogs. Make sure you listen to what guests are saying about your hotel. If the reviews and comments are positive, thank them. If there are negative comments and reviews, apologize, try to find a remedy if what they have mentioned is true and reduce the negative impression that those may create on other readers’ mind. After all the readers should feel that your hotel is making some genuine effort to reduce the negative instances. This brings a more positive impression about your hotel.

3 Try uploading photos and videos related to the hotel in all communities after claiming   your account. These links will be cached easily and show the links in the relevant search results.

4 Keep blogging as one of the important marketing tool of your hotel. As a hotel you should always blog interesting facts about your hotel, promotions you run online, travel tips, some interesting instances with your guests, about Sri Lanka, travel to Sri Lanka, tourist attractions in Sri Lanka etc. This will help you get more content relevant to your hotel. Blog about your hotel, give advice etc. and make the content rich and valuable for readers while being keyword rich.

5 Create social media profiles and make sure you update those perfectly. You could create a Facebook Fanpage and do the updates in regular intervals. At the same time upload the hotel videos in Youtube and other video channels, also make sure the channel link should contain your hotel name. Create a Twitter profile and tweet regularly, so for your brand related searches your twitter profile will come up in the search results. The content shared should not be third party content. Create your own content like photos of your hotel, videos of your interiors and exteriors, some testimonials from your guests etc.

6 Go to travel sites such as Zoover, Holidaychecker, Gogogbot, Tralandia to create the hotels details. Add a convincing description about your hotel upload videos and photos which will encourage people to make better decisions.

7 Create subdomains if you have any separate facilities such as well equipped gym, member clubs etc. (for example – You could do this if you think of these as your other sources of main income generation.

8 Sign up with online travel agencies such as Agoda,, etc. and include your inventory. Once you sign up with the online travel agencies your page will be created in these sites, which also provides more credibility in search engine results.

9 Also if you do have a Google plus page, encourage your guests to review your hotel in the Google plus page as well. This has more value in terms of online search visibility.

10 Google places for business.  list your Hotel in Google map, if it is not already included. If included already try to edit the page and update the content accordingly. Put some good keywords as categories in the business listing page.


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