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By                 : Jeremy Armes
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That’s right imagine an SEO world without links.  For most SEO consultants, success in Google cannot exist without active link building. but it can.  Think about the newspapers such as The guardian, the Telegraph  Le Figaro, Gazetto Dello Sport, WSJ, New York Times etc  Do they ever need to worry about link building?  No of course they don’t.  Why?  Because they do the following:
1. They have reporters that were either actually present when the news story happened OR they do investigational research to cobble the facts together including interviews with witnesses, fact checking, etc. This produces content of substance and of credibility.  The content is also likely to earn links.

2. They are multimedia. This isn’t just the written word folks.  These newspapers and magazines will hire photographers and video camer crew to go to the scene of the report.  The content is searchable in many forms not just the normal web results.

3. They publish loads of content at a horrendous rate – nope don’t start firing up your content spinning machine.  This content is based on the above step 1, except they have teams of journalists, reporters and photographers etc.  Can you imagine having your website publish 30 written pieces a day – every day?  Maybe more?  The crawl rate of these media sites as a result is likely to be off the charts which would expalin the high PageRank values of the media sites.

4. They do fun stuff.  Competitions, Events.  All of this creates buzz and audience engagement that gets you traffic and mentions that are outside of the search engines.

So, before you wonder why you’re not number 1 in Google and why you are dependent on links, you could try something different like the above:

1. Become the ultimate resource for what it is you do in your industry.  Give your prospective customers to use your site instead of your competitors.

2. News is one thing magazines are another.  Having a different editorial style means you can create some fun content like interviews.


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