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Hotel Marketing Consultants Florida

Many businesses think that having an effective social media campaign is simply posting on Facebook and Twitter once or twice a day.  While it is important to broadcast on these mediums, many people miss that these are social networks- not just sharing sites. If you are ignoring the networking part of these sites, you are doing yourself and your hotel a big disservice. Nothing is more annoying than asking a question on a company’s Facebook page and never getting a response back.

If you are running the social media or Twitter account for your Hotel, here are few helpful hints to make sure you are engaging you client base.

Make sure to check your mentions and interactions- If you are a huge company that has over 500 people tweeting at you a day, then I can understand not responding to every mention. Otherwise, make sure to respond to these people. Answer their questions. Find out what they thought about your hotel. Treat them like a friend and not just a client and you’ll build a more loyal customer.
Make your tweets shareable- A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a great shot off the beach from your hotel balcony, or a funny picture and put it on twitter. You’ll be amazed how many followers and retweets you will get from a great picture.
Use search to find clients- If you have some extra time during the day use the Twitter search feed to search for potential clients. If say you are a hotel in Tampa, search for the word “Tampa” and see what comes up. Many times you’ll find people searching for a good hotel or restaurant in the area. Talk to those people. Answer their questions and help them out- it builds rapport and gets your company’s name out.
Twitter can be a great way to spread the word about your hotel and build relationships with clients, but only if you use it effectively.  Simply setting up an account isn’t going to get you the following you want. You have to engage people on their level and make them feel like you value their business.


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